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Holyday City Reloaded

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Nov 9, 2017


Be a business tycoon! Town builder idle game of resource management and investment.

Build a city and become a business tycoon, all with just a few clicks and patience! In Holyday City, you’re in charge of resource management, business management, and the growth of your town into a sprawling metropolis.

As an idle game, your city will level up and expand as the game plays in the background. Clicker game mechanics let you build and manage your businesses with a simple tap, so city expansion is a matter of time and management.


* Use resource management to quickly build wealth and businesses
* Simulation game that puts you in charge of growing businesses
* Investment game mechanics where your business decisions boost your city’s growth

* A build a city game that puts you in charge of businesses of all types
* Restaurant management for a steady flow of income
* Shopping store management to bring in small profits quickly
* Upgrade buildings to create a booming town

* Tap game gameplay lets you build and win with just a few taps
* Idle gameplay continues your town’s growth even while you’re busy
* Time management game mechanics let you grow your town quickly or over time
* Incremental game advancements bring you from a small town to massive metropolis one step at a time


Follow in-game instructions and use the comment section for more info.

September 24, 2018

Version 4.1.5 What's New: * Solved a bug in the tutorial, from now on a tutorial part that was never poping up will work properly. * Added functionality that will allow you to close a menu or a popup using the "Escape" button. * The names of the the prestige items that were not visible when you won them, are not presented properly. * Fixed some typo mistakes in the game. * Improved the overall performance and stability of the game. I want to thank everyone for reporting issues you encounter! Support: FB page: Twitter:

June 27, 2018

Added more languages to the game. Now you can play Holyday City Reloaded in the following languages. English, German, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Portuguese (Brazil), Greek, Russian, Spanish, French (France), Italian, Polish, Turkish I would like to remind you that the game was originally made in English, so some translations may not be 100% accurate. Let us know if you find something that is wrong in the translations. I want to thank everyone for reporting issues you encounter! Support: FB page: Twitter:
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