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Lights Out

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Nov 1, 2018


Rebecca was having a nice sleepover with her friends when suddenly the power goes out and they are attacked... by a fairy?!

Play as Rebecca, a young girl trying to find her friends after the power goes out while avoiding a Dullahan in your house on "official business". However, as you explore the house with only a back-up generator working, you realize that there is only enough power to light one room at a time! This game has completely custom tilesets and character art as well as 1 ending (and a few changes to the ending if you talk to a certain fairy a lot).

This game was originally made in a weekend for Ludum Dare #39 in 2017, but was later edited over 2 weeks to extend it and fix bugs for Pixel Horror Jam 2017.


Use the keyboard and/or mouse to play! Arrow keys or clicking to move, Z/Enter/Space to interact, X/Escape/Right Click to cancel, and X/Escape to bring up the menu.

November 3, 2018

Bug fixed where for some reason one of the doors was not triggering an event properly.
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