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Mar 22, 2022


The land of Towerland; a land inhabited by knights known all around the world for their courage, has been invaded by Diabot, a hominous entity that conquers reigns with its army of ruthless creatures.

Many brave knights fought against Diablot, trying to bring back peace in their homeland but, one after another, they were defeated and savagely murdered.

Nowadays, the terrible monster still lives in the last floor of the tower of Towerland's castle, where he rules undisturbed.

Towerland is a top-down shooter with game mechanics inspired by the famous Binding of Isaac.
-Dozen of monsters
-Unlockable Powerups
-3 Different game modes
-3 Bosses


Scrolling arrows can be toggled on/off in Chrome by hitting F7. Or if that doesn't work, go to "3 dots menu" > settings > advanced settings > accessibility then turn off Navigate Pages with a Text Cursor."

Alternatively you can use IJKL to shoot without scroll the screen

March 22, 2022

Now it should be okay - I've uploaded the game with the native resolution 1280x720 - Use JKLI or a controller to shoot. This way you will avoid the scrolling up and down issue - Now there won't be any problem with the UI in the pause menu Sorry for all the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!
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